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The Xpatweb team consists of experienced and highly educated individuals who share a passion for specialised solutions in the expatriation and international mobility sector. We aim at providing our customers with the best personalised solution possible. As a team, Xpatweb remains up to date on all new developments within the expatriation and international mobility trends worldwide. Maintaining close relationships with our clients and organisations allows us to provide the best possible customised business solutions and services.

Why Us?

Our specialist team include Attorneys, Chartered Accountants, Master Tax Practitioners, a Financial Services Provider (FSP) and Master Reward Specialists, who combined are relevantly qualified to fully command the entire skillset required to address your residency needs holistically. Whilst our professional credentials ensure accountability and the highest standards of delivery, we are in a unique position to provide you with pertinent advice ensuring the optimal approach to immigration. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver and create loyal and meaningful client relationships by providing them with trusted client delivery.

Our Team

Marisa Jacobs

Marisa Jacobs – Director

Marisa (BCom Marketing & Business Management) is the Managing Director at Xpatweb, the largest independent work permit practice in South Africa. Her areas of specialty include South African work permits for both individuals and employers with large groups of expatriates which require short term employment service visas, unique dispensations or special waivers of work permit conditions.

She has extensive experience in expatriate management. Her solution based methodologies extent to operating and managing a confidential payroll for various expatriate groups, having obtained various SARS tax directives and rulings, Reserve Bank clearances for expatriates and optimal banking solutions, enabling her to provide an all-inclusive mobility service, and fuels her passion for finding more streamlined solutions.

Moeketsi Seboko​

Moeketsi Seboko – Immigration Manager

Moeketsi, is an Immigration Manager at Xpatweb, previously an immigration official at the Department of Home Affairs and then KPMG. “Moe” has been part of Xpatweb’s growth in the market in becoming a leading service provider. He serves as director on one of the specialist group companies and is also on the group’s management team meetings. His areas of specialisation is direct engagement with the Department of Home Affairs on complex and sensitive cases, ensuring full compliance with the technical aspects of immigration law, escalation and expedition of important matters, training of juniors and general management of the team. Slowly diminishing the group’s whisky stock, at a pace where it goes unnoticed, is also one of his specialities.

Pascalle Brewis​

Pascalle Brewis – Immigration Specialist

Pascalle is a highly-valued member of the team and serves as an Immigration Specialist, providing support to both corporate and individual clients with various immigration matters. Her specialties include all categories of work visas for professionals looking to work in South Africa. With a background in marketing, Pascalle has an ‘out of the box’ approach to any situation and has a belief that all things are possible. Pascalle is fluent in French and English, and has an understanding of Afrikaans and Spanish.

Lerato Mahupela​

Lerato Mahupela – Immigration Specialist

Lerato is an Immigration Specialist at Xpatweb, who previously worked with the Department of Home Affairs for 8 years. During her time at DHA, she was responsible for immigration at the port of entry, verifying passenger fingerprints for biometrics, assisting in the identification and deportation of illegal foreigners as well as assist with the planning and coordination of the arrival and departures of by VIP’s, VVIP’s, Presidents and Ministers by involving other stakeholders i.e. SAPS, Customs, Department of Health, and the Department of International Relations. She has a wealth of experience and understanding in the interpretation of South African immigration law and various directives as well as providing immigration advice and assistance, especially focussing at the practical level of getting applications submitted and approved. She is a director on one of the group companies and is highly regarded by most South African Embassies and DIRCO representatives.  She holds a BBA degree (cum laude) and Honours degrees. The feeding scheme she runs in her community is her passion.

Tasia Brummer​

Tasia Brummer – Immigration Specialist

Tasia joined Xpatweb in 2016 and currently holds the position of Immigration Specialist. She has grown fond of the integral role she plays in assisting professionals with one of their biggest life decisions and takes pride in facilitating a smooth transition to South Africa whether on a temporary or permanent basis. With a corporate background and strong communication and administration skills, Tasia facilitates all immigration matters meticulously and effectively.

Elizma Conradie​

Elizma Conradie – Admin Assistant

Elizma joined Xpatweb in 2019 as an Administrative Assistant.  She has worked in the Administrative Industry for more than 16 years and has sufficient knowledge in this field. Elizma accepts any challenge given to her and she strives to make a success of every obstacle heading her way. She is very hard working and always eager  and available to be of assistance.

Nombuso Buthelezi​

Nombuso Buthelezi – Immigration Administrator

Nombuso holds a National Diploma in Hospitality Management and Sciences. She has worked in the hospitality industry for a period of two years specializing in customer service. She has spent the past 6 years working for mining head-quarters in various roles including receptionist, admin assistant and a personal assistant.

Alishia Strydom​

Alishia Strydom – Project Coordinator

Alishia completed her BA Fine Arts degree in 2017 which is intimately linked with her passion for expression. Her creativity and idealism reward her work with compassion wherever she goes. Her personality might be perceived as reserved, but she has communication qualities that allow her to deeply connect with others and easily create systems of symbols to share ideas. She benefits from a far-reaching vision.

Tarissa Wareley​

Tarissa Wareley – Immigration Consultant

Tarissa completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. She has experience in offering client services and solutions in the immigration sphere for various countries in sub-Saharan Africa. She speaks fluent Portuguese and some Spanish as well. She is originally from Brazil and has relocated to South Africa to join her husband.

Na Li (Lina) 李娜​

Na Li (Lina) 李娜 – Immigration Consultant 中文移民顾问

Na Li has had many years’ experience in wholesale and retail, with knowledge in Import and Export, including corporate project finance liaison with mainland China for more than 10 years. Her role in Xpatweb allows her to use her advantage in Chinese language to serve and build up better relationships between our Company towards Chinese customers in South Africa.

Sisanda Mathebula

Sisanda Mathebula – Immigration Assistant and Co-Ordinator

Sisanda is a young professional with 3 years of industry experience and is currently pursuing her Masters in Tourism and Hospitality. She is passionate about the tourism industry and values personal and professional development. With experience in administration as well as customer service and coordination, her career objective is to find professional growth and specialize in the industry by using her skills and experience to integrate strategies and build long-lasting relationships.

Zainab Bouziane

Zainab Bouziane – Immigration Consultant

Zainab obtained a degree in English Literature from Mohammed V University in Morocco. Moreover, she also speaks fluent Arabic, French and English. She relocated to South Africa 9 years ago to join her South African husband. Zainab’s immigration background started in 2012 and joined the Xpatweb team in April 2020.

Nkosi Nkala

Nkosikhona Nkala – Immigration Consultant

Nkosikhona has vast experience in the immigration space. She has consulted with clients requiring assistance with immigration in sub-Saharan Africa for more than 12 years. She has also assisted clients who needed immigration services to the UK. She believes that establishing and maintaining relationships with clients is the way to operate effectively in the immigration space. She is a mother of two and enjoys spending time with her family and watching sports.

Leetasha Govender

Leetasha Govender – Immigration Specialist

Leetasha is new with Xpatweb as an Immigration Specialist and she joined us directly from the Department of Home Affairs. She holds a BCom Degree. She has over 5 years of working experience in the permitting section at the Department of Home Affairs, specifically the Waivers Unit for General Work Visa applications as well as temporary residence visa applications. Leetasha often gave input for immigration directives, implementation of various departmental policies and remaining up to date on all immigration-related matters. We are very excited about her joining Xpatweb and her learning of the commercial importance of work visa services.

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