A study visa allows the holder thereof to reside in Botswana whilst studying at a Botswanan institution of primary, secondary or tertiary education. It is issued for the duration of the course as indicated on the letter of acceptance from the relevant Botswanan institution.

To study in Botswana, the applicant must be accepted by a school or tertiary education provider in writing by providing a letter of acceptance which must be on the institution’s letterhead and signed by or on behalf of the registrar or principal.


Study Permit

Allows you to study in Botswana

Applications must be made prior to entering Botswana

Required prior to entering the country

Does not permit working

Work is prohibited

Process TIme

Takes anything from 14-21 days to process


The following quintessential documents are required to be submitted interalia with the application –

  • Letter of acceptance from relevant Botswanan institution
  • Proof of financial means through bank statements or evidence of scholarship, where applicable

For more information on the application process for a study permit, please send us an email:


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